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General care

Wooden watches are just different. As a natural material, compared to metals and plastics there is far less chance of irritation where it comes into direct contact with your skin. Wood is light on your wrist and does not absorb heat like some metals under direct sunlight. Each piece of wood used is absolutely unique, with no two watches being the same, and its production is far less environmentally damaging than other materials. But, being organic means wood also interacts with its surrounding environment more than other materials. We must therefore take care to protect it. These are certainly not the type of watches that you can wear all day, every day, without ever taking them off.

No, it’s not. Under no circumstances should you follow my lead and jump into the river with it still on. Neither should you go for another shower only to realise in a frustrated panic that you did it again. Our watches should be able to handle a few drops of water here and there, but if that happens, wipe off any residual moisture with something absorbent and leave them in the sun until any remnant water marks have disappeared. If your watch isn’t dried immediately, the wood may retain that water, expand and later crack. Wooden watches can be susceptible to cracking, as they are often cut pretty thin in places, so care should be taken to avoid getting them wet.

It’s not just water that can affect the look of your watch over time. Sweat, sun lotion & other liquids, as well as excessive sun exposure may also prematurely age it. Sweat, in particular, is corrosive, so if you repeatedly wear it during exercise, then some parts may develop a patina i.e. a unique aged finish. The inside part of your watch strap (where it comes into direct contact with the skin) may start to look as though it is flaking or it may become discoloured. So, do take it off before exercise.

Avoiding contact with liquids and storing your watch away from direct sunlight when not wearing it are the two best ways to maintain its look and finish for years to come. It will age over time (like all of us), but every now and then you may want to apply some coconut oil or bees wax to its wooden surfaces. Rub this in gently, being sure to remove any excess when you are finished.

Assuming that you’ve been taking good care of your watch, batteries should only need replacing every 1-2 years. When this is required, we recommend going to a professional watch repair shop or Jeweler. The internal components inside each of our watches are very delicate, and an untrained hand may damage the watch movement permanently.

How to adjust your watch strap

We made a YouTube video to show you how to use the link remover (included with your watch) to adjust the strap to fit your wrist. It’s pretty straight forward, just check out the video and be sure to take your time. Depending on the size of your wrist, you’ll likely need to remove a few of the links to ensure the most comfortable fit.

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