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  • EVOLVE time

    Introducing a new business concept. Not just a sustainable watch brand, but a movement for change

  • EVOLVE you

    Evolve your look, bring yourself closer to nature, and connect with causes important to you

  • EVOLVE production

    Sustainable materials and precise components put together using the finest craftsmanship

  • EVOLVE business

    15% of profits from our special collections go to hand-picked NGOs doing great work for vulnerable people, animals & environments

Evolve Special Collections

It’s time that businesses worldwide started to change the way they operate. For Evolve, this means redistributing some of our profits to support social projects that are very dear to our heart. The NGOs that we support are hand-picked, based on our intimate knowledge of who is doing the most impactful work in the field. Unlike vague promises to plant a tree, or dig an unknown well in an unspecified country, we’ll connect you with our partner NGOs so that you can see for yourself exactly where your money has been spent and on what. Whether you’re about to invest in your first watch or looking to add to your collection, a wooden watch from one of our special collections does far more than just tell the time.

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