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Evolve Special Collections

This page provides background as to why Evolve supports each of its causes. Because we choose only projects based on our own life experience and expertise, we get motivation and inspiration for our designs, a deeper understanding of the challenges facing these initiatives, and a much stronger connection to their work. The very first Special Collection is the ‘Conservation Collection’, which aims to support conservation and welfare initiatives for the critically endangered Bornean & Sumatran orangutans.

Collection One: Why Conservation?

Working to help protect endangered animals and their habitats in the not-for-profit sector was hugely rewarding, but aspects of it were also frustrating. Considering the overwhelming lobbying power of palm oil, mining firms, & paper & pulp industries over government officials and consumers, NGOs are often fighting a losing battle, despite their passion and dedication. For my part, I spent way too much time writing endless grant proposals & reports for typically small sums of money. To me, it seemed logical for NGOs to develop their own profit making arms, from which they could support their own activities and provide longer-term financial security for their work. Greater financial independence means more freedom to address the conservation priorities that matter most, without having your goals watered down by external interests. I have long felt that businesses should also be more proactive in supporting small NGOs with unbureaucratic donations that didn’t add work to already overburdened staff. From my years in the field, I know who is doing the best work and how to support them. Because of this, your money won’t be spent on business class flights to conferences, but on helping to get the most effective work done for the benefit of animals and their habitats.

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